Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens 14th March 2019

Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens 14th March 2019

1.Thank You, Father, for Your counsels, leadings and guidance, on a daily basis, through Your infallible word.

2.Father, in anyway I have fallen short of your glory, please, have mercy and forgive me, in Jesus’ name.

3.Father, help me, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, to tame, bridle and control my tongue, so that it will not bring upon my life, avoidable yokes and curses, in Jesus’ name.

4.Father, expose all the wicked people around me who pretend to care, in Jesus’ name.

5.Father, let every mark of the pharisees, of ignorance, accusations, stubbornness, opposition, persecution and killing of Your prophets, including Your son, Jesus, be destroyed in my life and destiny, in Jesus’ name.

6.Father, have mercy upon me and let every curse that I have brought upon myself, in Jesus’ name.

7.Father, please, help me to avoid the counsel of my enemies, in Jesus’ name.

8.Father, fill me to the brim with Your Holy Spirit and help me to follow His leading, guidance and counsels, at all times, in Jesus’ name. Read – Open Heavens 14th March 2019

9.Father, please, help me to live through today, without committing a single sin, in Jesus’ name.

10.Father, uphold Your son, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, till the end, in Jesus’ name.

11.Father, bless Your son, that You have been using to prepare these prayer points, beyond measures, and all those who have been rebroadcasting them, in Jesus’ name.

12.Father, let every challenge, hindrance and obstacle of getting these prayer points across to Your children, timely, and on daily basis be removed, in Jesus’ name.

13.Your Personal petitions.
( Philippians 4:6)
14.In Jesus’ name I pray.
(John 14:13-14; 15:16)
15.Thank you Father for answered prayers.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18)

4 thoughts on “Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens 14th March 2019”

  1. Father may your word be a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet all the days of my life in the mighty name of Jesus

  2. What a wonderful message; may heavenly father continue to raign in the life of our father in the Lord .and may the the heavenly father continue to rescue the saint from the ungodly act .I want to ask how could it be possible to hold on unto the Book psalm 1

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