Open Heaven 2018

Open Heaven 2018

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With gratitude to God, who is using our daddy, Pastor E A Adeboye in a very spectacular way. All glory belongs to Him in heavens and on earth, because Him alone is perfectly worthy of our praise and worship. Merciful and faithful Father. Despite our unfaithfulness and shortcomings, His kindness and love never fail. Yahweh is His name

Open Heaven 1 September 2018

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The journey of a year with daily insights for better living coming from the Open Heavens Daily Devotional 2017 has come to an end. All thanks to our Messiah for the wonders He has performed this year, via the Open Heaven July 2018 current president.

Are you ready for Open Heaven 2018?

Yes. Majority of us all are waiting for the 2018 Prophecies by Pastor E A Adeboye and the open heavens daily devotional volume 18. We’ll update you with all of these in due time. All we ask of you is to bookmark these website on your browser for easy access.

Our changes For Open Heavens 2018

We keep making things as simple as we can, because it’s the best way to make things simply sophisticated. Our platform load faster, has one of the best Mobile friendly browsing experience – welcome to the Mobile era. Our comment system follows suit. You can drop your comments in the comment section and get fast approval from us. Please ensure you make reasonable comments relating to the post you are dropping the comment.

Open Heavens Testimony Platform. We’ve also launched a testimony platform, where our users are to drop any testimony and we’ll publish on the testimony section after our team has gone through your testimony.

Open Heavens Forum 2018. Earlier this year, we launched a forum for all Open Heavens Daily Devotional Readers. Our aim is to unite our readers worldwide, bring them together to air their own views on each topic for edification and better understanding of God’s word for us through the Open Heaven.

Open Heavens Posting. It’s hasn’t really been easy, but we solemnly depend on God for more strength on the Open Heavens Team. The publishing team is doing everything within their reach to make sure you get the devotional as early as possible. We tell our readers to try as much as they can to bookmark this website for easy access.

Reading the Open Heavens 2018 has more benefits, but expect the presence of God to descend on our prayer festival! Expect to receive major breakthroughs in your life. Expect to receive instruction at the School of Prayer that will revolutionize your prayer life.

Open Heaven September 2018

Open heaven September 2018 is here. We will do our best to update 2 days ahead together with prayer points. The month of September, you’ll see changes. Open Heaven is a daily devotional written by Pastor E A Adeboye, the general overseer, RCCG.

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Let’s give you a quick biography of the Open Heavens 2018 Daily Devotional Author

Enoch A Adeboye was born 2nd March 1942 in Ifewara, Osun State, Nigeria. He is the General Overseer of the of the Redeemed Christian Church of God

Went to Illesha Grammar school in Osun state, Nigeria.  His passion for Mathematics landed him into the University of Nsukka to study Mathematics. He later got transferred to University of Ibadan due to the civil war. He successfully earned a Bachelor degree in Mathematics in 1967.

He proceeded to the University of Lagos, where he earned a PHD and became a Lecturer with the University of Lagos.

In 1973, Pastor E A Adeboye officially joined RCCG.

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